A study done by experts in UK and US on Vitamins supplement states do not improve general health well being. Instead, it is a waste of money.

An Australian Doctor publish a news as below:

The first paper by researchers from Harvard University aimed to determine whether long-term multivitamin use could help prevent age-related cognitive impairment.

Nearly 6000 male doctors age 65 who were already enrolled in The Physicians' Health Study II were randomised to take either a daily multivitamin or placebo, and were followed up over a 12-year period.

By the end of the study period no difference was seen in overall cognitive performance or verbal memory between the two groups.

The second study looked at whether a high-dose multivitamin containing 28 ingredients could help cut cardiovascular events in patients who had already had an MI.

Around 1700 patients took part and were blindly assigned to take either the special oral vitamin supplement or a placebo.

After a average follow up of 4.6 years, the study found no significant difference in the reduction in risk of another heart attack or cardiovascular event or death between the intervention and placebo groups.