Telehealth is available for my patients. I offer Telehealth consult through phone or video consults to all my existing patients without physically coming to see me.  Patients must be seen face to face consultation within 12 months to be eligible for telehealth. If you require telehealth, please call the receptionist to arrange a time or book online with me on the website. If you have any enquiry, you can send email to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

If you need prescription refill, I will send SMS using Escript to your smartphone. You then bring your smartphone to pharmacy. In the SMS, there is barcode and a pharmacist will scan the barcode and dispense your medication straight to you. For radiology and pathology referral, the referrals will be email to you.

Telehealth consult includes mental health plan and care plan if a patient is eligible for this.

Some consults will have to be done through video consults for mental health plan and etc. I will inform you which consult will need video consult. I will be using Jitsi as video conferencing platform. I will send you a link through email and all you have to do is to click on the link in email and allows video access in your smartphone. 

There is some change in Medicare rule for bulk billing for telehealth. Consent for bulk billing for telehealth has to be obtained from a patient. After a telehealth consultation, I will email you a consent form for your record keeping in case of Medicare audit.

NB: If you still want to have telehealth with me but not eligible under Medicare, you will have to pay privately for the telehealth. The receptionist will ask you to pay first over the phone and then, the telehealth will be conducted.